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Vladimir Nikolaevich Anikeychev

Date of a birth:











The Home telephone number: +7 (812) 3951693
Mobile phone: +7 (812 or 921) 9432758, +7 (904) 6110537
E-mail, M-agent:

ICQ: 294433548
Skype: anikvn

The Site:


The Address of the present document in the Internet:

Region of residing:






The Post address:
197348, Sankt-Petersburg, the Bogatyrskij prospectus, the house 4, an apartment 631



Estimated post:  

The Programmer
[Information technologies]

In addition:  

The Head

[Information technologies]


The Expected level of the income (in a month):

From $1500

The Schedule of work: 

The Full employment, work on business trips, in-home (a house network - some servers, the powerful client machine, the high-speed Internet, fixed IP) and other possible kinds of employment

The Wish to new work:

Interesting work, an opportunity of training.

Long-term career plans:

To work, work and work.


The Educational level:

The higher education

Basic education:

09/1969 - 06/1979

Additional education:

The Leningrad financial and economic institute it. N.A.Voznesenskogo - Planning of a national economy
The economist, diploma -II 025676

1983, 4 months

1991, 2 months

System programmers on support of computing process and maintenance of the Management Information System.

The Leningrad institute of improvement of professional skill of workers of the industry and municipal economy on methods and technique of management

Bases of programming in system Clipper Summer 87

The Educational center certificated by firm Nantucket Corporation (USA). Soviet-American society "Dialog Invest"

Professional experience

08/2004 – Present time

The Factory "Armalit-1" (ex Production Corporation "Znamia Octiabria") [Manufacture of ship armature]
The Programmer

Conversion of the software from OS ES (OS IBM-360) on the Emulator of OS ES (OS IBM-360) on IBM PC.

Programming for fuller adaptation, support of work of the emulator and the operational system established under it and applied problems, Conversion from the flat DB under the emulator of OS ES (OS IBM-360) (COBOL, PL/1, ASSEMBLER of OS ES, JCL OS ES - Mainframe) on a relational DB on Access, MS SQL SERVER, performance of current informational requests of services to a database under the emulator of OS ES (OS IBM-360), to Access, MS SQL SERVER.

07/2003 - 02/2005

The timber mill enterprise [Timber industry]
The administrator

Management, adjustment and repair of a server of management by process of drying of wood in drying rooms produced by firm KATRES (Czech).

05/1996 - 07/2003

Various organizations [Transport services]
The driver

07/1990 - 04/1996

Joint venture "Crown" [Scientific researches, financial and industrial activity]
The Programmer

Testing of the software on IBM PC.

07/1989 - 07/1990

Leningrad factory "Volna" [the Radio-electronic industry]
Chief Bureau of the Normative-Reference Information

Management BNRI, programming in OS ES (OS IBM-360), support of operational system.

 10/1977 - 07/1989

Production Corporation "Znamia Octiabria" [Manufacture of ship armature]
The engineer

November 1980 - the senior engineer

January 1982 - the leading engineer

January 1988 - the leading engineer-programmer, the head of group.

The organization of computing process, applied, problem and system programming in DOS environment and OS ES (OS IBM-360), a writing of standard programs, support of operational systems.

Programming languages: COBOL, PL\1, the ASSEMBLER of OS ES (OS IBM-360), Job Control Language in OS ES (OS IBM-360) (Mainframe).  

02/1973 - 07/1977

Trust 49 GlavZapStroj [Industrial, rural and inhabited construction]
The driver, building working

12/1971 - 11/1972

All-Union institute of automation of the industry of building materials [Automated Industrial Management System of Technologic Processes at the enterprises on manufacture of building materials]
Senior technician

Programming to Minsk-32.

10/1970 - 11/1971

Central information and technical-economic researches Research Institute [Scientific researches in the field of shipbuilding]
Senior Operator

Programming to Minsk-22, Minsk-32, the Decision of problems on mathematical statistics and linear programming

07/1964 - 05/1970

Various organizations [Transport]
Driver 3 class

The Professional knowledge and skills

Possession of foreign languages:

I read, write and can explain


Skills of work with a computer, office equipment, the software:

Operational systems: MVT OS ES (IBM-360), Emulator ESLI (IBM-360), Windows: 9X, XP SP2-3, OS/2 WARP.
Programming languages:  Assembler OS ES (OS IBM-360), COBOL, PL\1, WKI-3 (data carrying-in, data checking);

Delphi-7, MS Access, VBA, PHP-5 (During studying - I can write the elementary forms, references to MS SQL SERVER), REXX (Regina - for work with the emulator of OS ES (OS IBM-360), working on Server under OS/2 WARP, but under control of Windows XP SP3).

Participation in large projects

Own development, inventions, proceedings, publications, patents:

System of a software "FILE" for automation of programming in the environment of OS ES (OS IBM-360). 

The brief formulation of a professional accessory and experience (summary)

Programming, system maintenance, search of malfunctions and testing of the software 

The additional information

The Marital status, data on children

I am married.

The son, Jan Vladimirovich, was born on February, 27th, 1980;

the daughter, Ladislava Vladimirovna, was born on June, 27th, 1981.


Computers, cars and any technique intended for simplification and an ornament of human life.

People which can recommend you

I have an opportunity to recommend of people who have a unique operational experience in the environment of mainframes, under different operational systems, experience of conversion of flat bases on DB2, MS SQL SERVER, etc. at a high system level of programming and live in Sankt-Petersburg.

Additional data:

I can program on COBOL, the ASSEMBLER, Pascal, Delphi, VBA, SQL, PHP-5 (I study). I am easily trained, I study constantly.

At home is a local network in which it is included three computers:

  1. A HTTP-server (the software of own development);

  2. My computer on which are established and following means are used for work:

Operational system Windows XP SP3;

Microsoft Virtual PC where it is established OS/2 WARP under control of which Emulator ESLI (IBM-360) works;

Regina REXX interpreter for Win9x/NT/2k/XP for performance of some service functions for communication Windows XP through OS/2 WARP with Emulator ESLI (IBM-360);

MS SQL SERVER Express Edition with all necessary for development and support DB by means;

The Complex of programs of Web-developer Denver-3 (Apache) for development of the Web-interface for work with MS SQL SERVER;

Various means for work in external devices (the scanner, the Web-camera, etc.);

  1. A computer of other purpose which have been outside the framework of my current work;

  2. Connection of one more computer in case of need is possible.

- my home site on which you can find anything that you search for a long time in vain.